Former Dwight Morrow Student

Pequeños  Fragmentos De Mi Memoria
Water Color

Pequeños  Fragementos, or small fragments, depicts sixteen memories related to Nashley’s immigration story. Nashley moved to Englewood, NJ at the age of 8 because her mother was yearning to find better opportunities for her family. Her mother is a craftswoman who designs and creates accessories like hats, headbands, and bracelets. Watching and helping her mom inspired Nashley’s project. Whether it was creating a city for ants with playing blocks, random creatures with clay, fantasy worlds with her toys, drawing on her parent’s old planner notebooks, or drawing randomness onto the sidewalk with chalk, she always found a way to create.

Nashley’s constant drive to create inspired her to turn memories from her immigration journey into tangible art. Each of the sixteen memories is linked to an individual, a space, or an object that shaped who she is today. These memories range from washing her father’s car under the Dominican sun, to photo shoots with her mom in a plot of yellow flowers, to her first ESL classroom. Lately, she’s been experimenting with clay and watercolor, using this to free her imagination and find her sense of identity.