Dwight Morrow Student

My Space of Mind
Pencil, Markers, Acid Free Paper

ALE’s project, My Space of Mind, is a series of surrealist self-portraits that visualize his conflicting emotions related to his immigrant experience. Since moving to the U.S., Ale has struggled with the idea of the American Dream he was promised and how it compares to his reality of living in this country. Although there are many things Ale loves about the U.S., he still feels a sense of isolation and uncertainty navigating this space, especially in the midst of the pandemic. As a result, he uses his collages to depict himself trying to find comfort in an oversaturated and chaotic space. Working on this project has helped ALE find the spark that drives him to continue making artwork, explore his emotions, and expand his creativity freely. ALE looks forward to learning more about himself while making work that connects with
people and lets them know that theyre not alone.