Physical Archives

The Englewood Public Library currently owns the following archival collections.

  • 133 Green Street House Collection
  • Arrowhead Collection
  • Arslanian Collection

    Donated by Jill Arslanian, this collection contains newspaper clippings, a Arslanian/Greenleaf family tree, and some additional clippings.

  • Bartholf Collection
  • Baur Collection
  • Beaumont Collection

    This collection contains photographs, publications, postcards, certificates, and ephemera from the life and times of the Beaumont Family, longtime residents of Englewood.

  • Bobbie Bouton Goldberg Collection
  • Brockie Collection
  • Coe Family Collection

    This collection contains the genealogy and some photographs pertaining to the Coe family.

  • City Hall Collection

    This collection contains photos of some Englewood mayors and council members (1899-1949).

  • Community Handbook Collection
  • Cory/Lyman Collection
  • Daniel Van Winkle Pamphlets for the Historical Society of Hudson County
  • David Quentzel Collection

    This collection contains letters to the editor authored by Englewood Resident David Quentzel spanning approximately 40 years.

  • Dizzie Gillespie Collection
  • Dwight House Collection
  • Eleanor Harvey Collection
  • The Englewood Centennial Collection
  • The Englewood Collection

    The Englewood Collection contains thousands of newspaper clippings, as well as photographs and other assorted publications pertaining to Englewood’s history back to the 1950’s. The materials in the collection pertain to several city institutions, like the public and private schools, police and fire departments, health department, churches and synagogues, library, businesses, and others. This collection was maintained and updated for years by the library staff before being archived in 2009 with help from the Bergen County Department of Parks and Recreation Division of Historic and Cultural Affairs. The physical collection is housed in 36 archival storage boxes and is always open to the public.

  • The Englewood Health Department Collection
  • The Englewood Historical Society Collection
  • Feldman Collection
  • Flat Rock Brook Collection
  • Friends of the Englewood Library Collection
  • Graham Van Alstyne Collection

    The Graham Van Alstyne Collection contains correspondences, notes, publications, diaries, photographs, and ephemera from the life and times of Englewood resident Graham Van Alstyne. The Van Alstyne family has resided in Englewood for generations.

  • Griffin Collection
  • Grossman Collection
  • Irmari Nacht Collection
  • Jay Cees Collection

    This collection contains old newspaper articles, letters, proclamations, photographs, and ephemera.

  • Javna Collection
  • Kramer Framer Collection

    This collection contains some photographs taken in Englewood c. 1920.

  • Len Hansen Collection

    The Len Hansen Collection (donated to the archives by Mr. Len Hansen) contains photographs, postcards, newspaper clippings, oral history, old receipts, and other materials all pertaining to the history of Englewood and its residents.

  • Lynd Ward Collection
  • Maureen Orcutt Collection
  • Nutzhorn Collection

    The Nutzhorn collection contains correspondences, receipts, genealogical information, postcards, and photographs all pertaining to the history of Englewood and its residents.

  • Potter Collection
  • Priscilla McKenna Papers
  • Rhoda Sidney Photo Collection

    This photograph collection contains images of Englewood, mainly the Public Library, c. 1970.

  • Thomas/Harris Collection
  • Tray Collection
  • Urban League for Bergen County Collection

    This collection contains a few journals and plaques from the Urban League for Bergen County.

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