Computer Use

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  1. Patrons without a library card must first stop at the Reference Desk and present his/her library card before going into the computer lab.  Patrons with a library card are able to bypass Reference Desk and sign in using the library card barcode.
  2. One person, one computer. No children, friends, guests, helpers or tutors are allowed in the lab while a person is using the computer. Young children cannot be left unattended while parents are in the computer lab.
  3. Parents of children under 18 but age 13 and up (or in the 7th grade) must sign this agreement.  Younger children must use the Children’s Room.
  4. No food allowed in the lab.  Spill-proof mugs with secure lids and a drinking hole that can be closed can be on the Reference floor.
  5. Englewood cardholders always have priority if more than one person is waiting.
  6. Librarians are NOT available for instruction, or one-on-one help. Please do not ask the librarians for technical assistance.  Appointments are encourage.
  7. Patrons must have their own flash drives to save,  scan, and download.  Please do not save to the hard drive. This includes downloading.
  8. All computer equipment and furniture is kept in good working order. If there is an equipment problem, please contact the librarian immediately.
  9. Printing is $.20 per page for black & white text (example, Microsoft Word).  Color printing is $.40 per page.  Please select “Color” printer when wanting to print in color. No bulk printing allowed. No specialty printing is done. Do not bring in envelopes, resume paper or colored paper. You will not be allowed to use it. Patrons will be charged for ALL pages printed (including mistakes), so print carefully, and ask for help if you need it.
  10. The Englewood Public Library does not use Internet filters of any kind in our lab. The Computer Center is in a public, not private, area and any verified complaints of inappropriate usage will result in the immediate shutdown of your computer.
  11. By signing this agreement, parents of minors acknowledge their responsibility for the Internet use of their children.
  12. Any violation of the rules may result in suspension of privileges.
  13. The Englewood Library reserves the right to end a computer session at any time.
  14. This agreement is subject to change without notice.


Update 9/7/16

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